sheezie 6:06 PM 15 September 2012
Is anyone else having problems unlocking songs or is it just me and my SL1

DJ Justin M 6:37 PM 16 September 2012
Ya I have one song in Itch I can't unlock. Keeps saying invalid email. I emailed whitelabel last week and never got a response.
ChrisD 12:49 AM 17 September 2012
Tell me which tracks you can't unlock and I'll look into it.

DJ Justin M 8:53 PM 18 September 2012
Whats the fastest way to identify which track(s) are locked? Itch doesn't say and I've got over 600 whitelabel files on my mac
ChrisD 10:14 PM 18 September 2012
Hi DJ Justin M.

Locked Whitelabel files have a padlock overlayed on top of the Whitelabel icon displayed in the status columns (ie. the leftmost column).

The best way to find locked files would to create a smart crate with the rule "is Whitelabel", then sort this crate by the status column.

This should sort the crate so that locked files appear grouped together at the top (or bottom) of the crate.

DJ Justin M 4:40 PM 20 September 2012
Yes I already have a smart crate for whitelabel. One of the first things I did :) however when sorting it does not show any locked files in Itch but when I open Itch it continually gives me the message about 1 locked file and wont take my email/pass. any other ideas?
ChrisD 9:47 PM 20 September 2012

You try sorting your entire library by the status column then finding the section of Whitelabel tracks. Maybe you'll see the locked file there.
Coro 3:57 AM 22 September 2012
I have the same issue, and its all the whitelable files that I have on my drive. Has there been a fix for this yet?
ChrisD 9:49 PM 23 September 2012
ALL Whitelabel files? I don't think so.

Sometimes Whitelabel files get locked by mistake. We re-encode them to fix this bug. It's simply a matter of identifying the locked the files then re-downloading them.

Locked files are identified by a padlock overlaid on top of the Whitelabel.net icon.
Coro 12:41 AM 25 September 2012
every time I try to unlock the files, it says you email address is incorrect. But the email address and password is the same that I use to log onto this forum.
ChrisD 12:59 AM 25 September 2012
Yes, I understand that. But as I've already explained in this thread I need to know specifically which files are locked.

I explain a process above as to how you can find the locked files.

DJ Justin M 7:39 PM 25 September 2012
So i deleted all the whitelabel files from itch and readded them. The locked file showed up. Slaughterhouse - Asylum is the file I have locked.

DJ Justin M 7:40 PM 25 September 2012
also just FYI sorting the whitelabel files in crate does not put the locked file on the top or bottom. took me a while to identify it
ChrisD 10:25 PM 25 September 2012
Thanks Justin.

I've re-encoded the file and it is no longer locked. Delete the current file from your library, download it again and add it back in to your library.


Also, could you please tell me which version of ITCH you're using. I'd like to investigate why you weren't seeing a padlock icon. There may be a bug there.

DJ Justin M 1:32 AM 26 September 2012
I was using 2.2.0 but I just upgraded today to 2.2.2
Coro 12:03 AM 3 October 2012
Chris all the files that i have downloaded over the years from whitelable are locked in Itch 2.2.2 and serato 2.4.3. I logged out of the whitelable.net site and re logged myself back in to make sure I have the user name and password correct.
ChrisD 12:17 AM 3 October 2012
ALL Whitelabel files? I doubt that.

If you have just one locked file then the email address / password box will appear. But all unlocked files should continue to play ok.

Are you able to tell me which file(s) is/are locked?
12:43 AM, 3 Oct 2012
Coro attached a file: Screen Shot 2012-10-02 at 8.42.38 PM.png
Coro 12:45 AM 3 October 2012
As you can see by the screen shot I just attached, the files do show as locked but they all sound off. as if they were a low quality mp3.
ChrisD 12:51 AM 3 October 2012
If they play at all then they're not locked.

Whitelabel files play in low quality unless you have supported Scratch Live or ITCH hardware attached - whitelabel.net
Coro 1:02 AM 3 October 2012
even with the SL3 or my Pioneer ddjS1 the sound if horrible and can't be used out in public.
ChrisD 1:13 AM 3 October 2012
OK, then I would start a Help Request because that is not the correct behavior - Whitelabel files should sound mint.

Create an ITCH Help Request here: serato.com
Create a Scratch Live Help Request here: serato.com
Coro 1:29 AM 3 October 2012
will do, thanks chris
DJ Good Times 4:08 AM 21 November 2012
I'm getting the same thing...2 files locked. I'm just too lazy to go through and figure out what files I need to d/l/ redownload...

and my whitelabel smartcrate is showing no locked tags...

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