Willie Hustle - Money Dance [Flat Broke Entertainment/One Stop Digital]

11:55 PM, 1 Apr 2008
Download this Release here: whitelabel.net
MK 12 10:12 AM 2 April 2008
Track is wack, beat sounds like a bad fruity loops excursion. As for the lyrics and flow...... maybe its best if i dont comment. 1/10
DJ Wizdom 5:09 PM 13 May 2008
This track sounds pretty good actually. I'm can see this working on a Saturday night with a 75-90 bpm hip-hop set. I would have to mix it up with some classics but I think it would fly. 7/10
Toby82 6:07 AM 14 May 2008
hmm, i like that track. Quite slow, but sounds good.
DJXL210 6:49 PM 16 January 2009
DJ XL track Is good
Allbrt 2:53 PM 2 August 2016
La zorra
Jersey Phat Katt 7:49 PM 17 March 2017
not feeling this track at all
lukenlow 12:05 PM 21 May 2018
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