Kid Cudi - Day 'N' Nite [Fool's Gold]

1:00 AM, 10 Apr 2008
Download this Release here:
dj collar 2:33 PM 10 April 2008
Thanks whitelabel!!! Kid Cudi is gonna break soon, thanks for supporting Fool's Gold.
tomzy 3:03 PM 15 April 2008
niiiiiice Fool's Gold releases are so solid, but why no Jokers of the Scene rmx?
lil'monkey 4:49 PM 2 May 2008
nice release really
Detroitbootybass 3:37 AM 6 May 2008
I really like this one... smooth and atmospheric.
DJ Dooby 12:19 PM 11 May 2008
great stuff, finally something resh & new. Keep on!
balistikgelhed 11:21 PM 14 May 2008
+1 on the Jokers of the Scene remix!
Devious 7:55 PM 4 June 2008
very nice track and great production as well as lyrics and flow. this reminds me of Craig David before he sold out totally. I use this track in hip-hop and dubstep mixes. Great feedback on this!
alexplicit 5:53 PM 16 July 2008
Crazy track!, love it! Now please uplaod the crookers remix (130BPM Version) for the dancefloor.
treeo730 2:26 AM 17 October 2008
I 've heard a dub version of this. HOT. The hip hop version is OK but the dance version is bumping,
djkid23 4:59 AM 17 November 2008
this is a great track....crookers mix is bangin too...I wish I had a acapella...hint hint lol
Lt.1 12:18 PM 19 November 2008
The official release is rumoured to be next January, with the Crookers remix. Maybe we'll see it here as well in a couple of months. Though it's been played to death already.
DJ d.range 6:43 AM 22 November 2008
no instrumental?
irksome 4:22 AM 27 February 2009
Crookers rmx is a serious jam
djchase 4:49 AM 4 March 2009
Crookers rmx is a serious jam

the video is crazy in the club people just stop and stare
Logisticalstyles 4:56 PM 4 March 2009
Another one that took a while for me to like. It's pretty old now, but I heard it on the radio today so I thought I'd comment.
Psyphris 7:10 PM 4 March 2009
Liked it when it came out, and still like it now. Kid Cudi is sick.
ThAt DiGitAL kiD 7:54 PM 4 March 2009
Cudi is the man....his mixtapes are crucial.

I love this jam, but feel that it did not catch on like it should have.....

Not alot of response when played at the clubs.
sillyent 8:40 PM 6 March 2009
Dope mix, thank you.
nik39 9:46 PM 6 March 2009
Good stuff, yeah.
VJ Justin Allen 10:29 PM 6 March 2009
NIce mix. I've been playing this for the last few weeks, packs the floor.
savedbygrace 12:53 PM 22 August 2009
It took some time for this song to grow on me, but it definitely has a different "feel."
Classik 4:47 AM 10 April 2013
Still a nice Track!
Dj Infiniti be 6:34 PM 23 October 2014
awsome track
DJ Everlast 12:24 AM 13 September 2017
Love this song. I use it as a transition song to R&B
DJ Everlast 12:25 AM 13 September 2017
Love this song. I use it as a transition song to R&B

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