Noble King feat. 77 Klash - She Told Me [Lustre Kings Productions]

1:10 PM, 15 Apr 2008
Download this Release here:
selectajay 5:19 AM 17 April 2008
play this chune during a one drop set .this chune has a wicked bassline!! reminds me of gregorys nite nurse. its a lovers rock chune.definitely a lot of potential with this one!..KABOOMM! it selectahhhh..
SanMan_ish 2:08 PM 30 April 2008
yeah deep bass line... it has some of the 'electric' elements associated with GRIME... lustrekings have been producing reggae and its definitely a different sound from them... i would listen/play it but i not sure what market this is geared for... maybe the UK!
Kool DJ Sheak One 12:58 AM 13 July 2008
nice choon. slow and wicked. gonna try it out on a boomin system

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