Fischerspooner - The Best Revenge (Alex Gopher Retaliation remix) [Kitsuné Music]

2:06 AM, 18 Apr 2008
Download this Release here:
steve:harley 11:22 AM 19 April 2008
ah excellent, more like this please...
djsergiovega 4:34 PM 25 April 2008
cool tune. I'm glad they bypassed the electroclash backlash.
SoundmasterSam 10:37 PM 26 April 2008
Really hardcore
Marqs 10:46 AM 30 April 2008
A good one. Alex Gopher! More of this french-core please... :)
Detroitbootybass 3:45 AM 6 May 2008
This is labeled as 'house'?!? Not even remotely close...

Regardless, i'm not feeling this tune.
gregdaynes 2:53 AM 12 May 2008
Awesome track.

I agree with steve:harley, More like this.
Toby82 5:41 AM 14 May 2008
Wow! Great track, thanks Kitsuné!
Please give us some more...
DJ KillaGraham 8:10 PM 18 February 2009
This track is TIGHT! Kitsuné! You're doing a great job

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