Purple Crush - Shopping on the Dancefloor (Mike Genius Remix) [Crushed Records]

1:16 AM, 12 May 2008
Download this Release here: whitelabel.net
DJ Prinvale` 11:09 PM 13 May 2008
I must say. The electronic'a' additions lately have been top notch. I'm diggin this tune, the combination of the dirty beat and lyrics combine rather well.
DJ Prinvale` 11:13 PM 13 May 2008
by dirty, I meant distorted...not dirty as in dirty south. Sorry
balistikgelhed 3:36 AM 14 May 2008
Mondo thanks for the electro releases lately. Some stuff is a bit dated already but it's nice that "non-Hip Hop" SSL DJs get a bit more attention... Cheers.
Toby82 5:17 AM 14 May 2008
nice Track, thanks!
MK 1 12:41 PM 14 May 2008
Nice track... Think i would prefer it without the vocals though, Mike Genius Instrumental would be a definite player for me. I still give this a 7/10 though.... Sick bassline!!
balistikgelhed 10:01 PM 15 May 2008
btw... the song name is in the "Album" column in the ID3 tags. Just saying.

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