J Rawls & Middle Child - Til The Sun Comes [Polar Entertainment]

4:45 AM, 14 May 2008
Download this Release here: whitelabel.net
MK 12 12:26 PM 14 May 2008
Nice, real summertime feel to it... Nice vocals and a really musical beat (if that makes sense lol)
Perfect for early with everyone chilling outside in the sun... 8/10
Daveykaywavey 12:51 PM 14 May 2008
Nice track. Maybe a lil more genre info needed. It says hip hop but I personally wouldnt put it under that catagory. Just a thought.
DJ Prinvale` 2:08 AM 17 May 2008
agreed with the summertime feel MK 12 mentioned. At first I couldn't put my finger on it but the blues/jazz guitar gives it a chill "head bob" from me. I think this track is a little more R&B compared to hiphop but nowadays with so many genres and sub genres it's pretty hard to categorize.

Overall a good track, def gonna give it some spins early in the night.
Evillincoln 1:10 AM 12 February 2009
NOT a hiphop track but this is some damn good soul music right here.. I'd love to know more about the artist... fantastic all around. Seriously..
DJ GOOK 8:24 PM 18 April 2009
louderthanabomb 4:24 AM 4 June 2009
I just found out about this album dag. anybody know where I can get the full thing. This track isn't bad but Can This Be Real is the one that got me hooked. She was on J's album The Essence of Soul which featured a bunch of different soul artists. J Rawls production is always on point

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