Buju Banton & Trey Songz - Street Life [VP Records]

11:33 PM, 21 May 2008
Download this Release here: whitelabel.net
Dj Koppa Top 2:03 AM 22 May 2008
WICKED!!!! this track is hot man...Buju B is da Boss
MK 1 1:31 PM 22 May 2008
Yep, Buju is the boss! Track sounds tight, loving the beat... Trey coming correct also, great collaboration. 8/10 Thanks
selectajay 4:34 AM 24 May 2008
this track is too crossover,not really considered reggae to me but it shows how diverse buju is as an artist.the ladies think its a nice tune tho.if there were like 10more reggae artist on this riddm selectors may run dis one...i will tell yu about 3months from now how big this tune is..keep the reggae comin. KABOOM!
MK 1 12:19 PM 24 May 2008
This went down great last night... The older heads loved it, i like the way it gets all Roxanne much more after hearing a few more times...
Dj 9-11 4:02 PM 2 June 2008
Buju is the Boss! But i want to see some more good Upcoming artistes such as Konshens here. Dat yute haffi buss!
DjKemix 8:07 AM 11 June 2008
beat is nasty dumb! good tune...thanks sting.....og Roxanne...lol
DjSugarDaddy 10:30 AM 26 June 2008
Great Combination Here!
daddy ruff jnr 11:12 AM 26 June 2008
B i g Thats All I Gotta say
DIRTYROTTEN 11:25 AM 26 June 2008
I agree with this song being too crossover. But the ladies like it. Buju killin it as always.
BIG DJ PHAZE 11:55 AM 26 June 2008
Another banger, I've had this one for some time now too, great song, and a really useful instrumental as well.

I always dug Buju since back in the "Champion" days, great music :)
djshad 2:00 PM 26 June 2008
This is a great tracks, you have the King of Dancehall with the prince of R&B and you have a heater. Buju comes back with another classic release
Res-Q 8:06 PM 26 June 2008
Whose world is this? is gonna be one of the biggest ragga hiphop lp for 2008 trust me. All the tracks are pure fyah!
Kool DJ Sheak One 8:41 PM 26 June 2008
Sounds like Kells.
People love the old "80's meets the rap" concept.
And here it works pretty well.

*digs for Roxanne Accapella*

Can't wait till everybodies autotune button breaks tho.
CRAZYD 6:08 PM 27 June 2008
This is for the guys behind serato an whitelabel am glad you guys are doing such promo with VP an GreenSleeve records am a DJ that use serato that if it wasnt for serato the cost for me to get all ma records wud be very great anyways I got to say now that you guy got the connect with vp an greensleeve would you please keep the tunes coming an step up the pace as am in dublin where reggae tunes is not easy to get an am still a head of white label an guys could you get old school dancehall tunes also as alot of the tune came out an 45 an not mp3 it would help dj who dont specialise in the genre like me can get it cause it is chaos as they wont even knw the names of the artist in the first place as they made it local in the dancehall circuit but not international , had to drop knowledge as its from my experience BLESS !
Kool DJ Sheak One 8:50 PM 27 June 2008
Can someone say run-on cross-posting?
DJ Ricky_Dee 4:48 AM 17 August 2008

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