Craft and Sene - Flashh E EP [Aljera Music]

11:34 PM, 21 May 2008
Download this Release here:
MK 1 1:40 PM 22 May 2008
Loving the Flashh E track, beat sounds like a natural progression of "fonky" which i still hammer & it was on WN.N also, if i remember correctly.. Lyrics are tight, nice flow. Big up the Chris Craft production, like the way he does things.. 8/10 for Flashh E... 6 & 7/10 for the other tracks respectively. Thanks, downloaded them all...
DJ Prinvale` 11:13 PM 23 May 2008
That Flashh E track is tight. The flow of the lyrics go perfectly with the beat, something that doesn't happen very often. Would like to have seen them labeled as clean/dirty to save me time as I organize my tracks (I have clean, dirty, etc crates).
DJ Prinvale` 11:46 PM 23 May 2008
oh yeah acapellas would be awesome (specifically for the Flashh E track). First thing I thought of when I heard it was how many different ways I could incorporate it. At least we got the Inst.

good stuff

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