DJ King Tutt - Relax, Relate, Release (from "The Evolution") [Unruly Records]

4:02 AM, 17 Jun 2008
Download this Release here:
DJ Art Pumpin Payne 4:31 AM 17 June 2008
Unruly on Whitelabel, DAMN! This is fucking cool.

I guess I picked a good day to take a peek here. Get more Bmore on Whitelabel and it will really take off....

About the cut, I like the Run DMC samples BUT it's a little too Electro/Hipster for the Hood. We need that sttripped down ghetto RAW shit...

Big ups for unruly making a showing - can we get MORE????
Yona 12:09 AM 20 June 2008
Thank you sir may I have another

Bmore club that is
nuwave_afro 7:08 PM 24 June 2008
triple co-sign!!! props for bringin unruly through. dope tracks, but yeah, im used to unruly bringin it raw(er).
i will run the track, but i prob wouldnt drop $$ for it.
paulie 8:25 PM 11 October 2008
I dig this!
DJ-LUCKY 1:37 AM 16 October 2008
OKAY OKAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UNRULY STAND UP!!!!!!!!!!!! DIRECT drive record pool by Unruly records all day! We run this club ishhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! HOLLA @ ME, I got all the Baltimore Club you need everyone! (I SHARE)!!!!!!!!!
Zach S 6:11 PM 17 October 2008

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