Nasio Fontaine - Armed & Dangerous [Greensleeves Records]

10:37 PM, 23 Jun 2008
Download this Release here:
diablodigital 5:42 AM 26 June 2008
Original Big tune...Classic
DjSugarDaddy 10:18 AM 26 June 2008
Sounds So Good!
hersh20 3:25 PM 27 June 2008
classic reggae sound, jamaicans prolly dig it...
Kool DJ Sheak One 8:53 PM 27 June 2008
Thanks for a proper release of a track for us DJs.
How it should be:

Extra points for effort.
Keep it coming Greensleeves.
Big Up
selectajay 12:37 PM 1 July 2008
ive gotten some good responses from this tune--even the acapella ah get forward!! big up to Nasio..nice job bredrinn!:) keep the reggae cominnnnn!!
concorde_pilot 7:25 AM 4 July 2008
nice one

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