77Klash - Mad Again feat. Johnny Osbourne (from "Code for the Streets - EP") [Klash City Records]

10:46 PM, 23 Jun 2008
Download this Release here: whitelabel.net
SanMan_ish 12:22 AM 24 June 2008
just loving that GRIMEY sound
Mexi 2:10 PM 26 June 2008
Such a dope blend of styles. Sounds more UK than Brooklyn. Love this track.
CSR 2:53 PM 26 June 2008
Yeah, very UK sounding! I like it myself--not sure if it's for my crowd though.
hersh20 3:24 PM 27 June 2008
dont like it...
Kool DJ Sheak One 12:08 AM 28 June 2008
The break down makes this song cool. Deffo only workin on certain crowds. But it can get the right people hype.
DJ Ricky_Dee 5:27 AM 17 August 2008
wicked....wa gwan mista osbourne...original foundation...
that tune is gonna buss
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