Various Artists - Reggae Gold 2008 [VP Records]

11:24 PM, 25 Jun 2008
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diablodigital 5:40 AM 26 June 2008
Regae Gold has always been one of the top reggae compilation. A good blend between roots reggae and dancehall. This year compilation has some of the biggest tunes for the year like wine gal by Beenie, Doh by Serani, Money Changer by Mavado and The Plane Land by Richie Spice. Big up the staff by VP Records for another good album... Dis one ya SELL OFF... dat me ah seh. respect
sixxx 6:04 AM 26 June 2008
For My Love - Great track. Feeling it.

Ease Off - Too mellow for my crowd.... (unfortunately, cause I love this shit)

Somebody Come Get Me - It's an OK track.

The Mission - Raw. Love the beat... not so much the rest.

Doh - This one is fire in my opinion.

Calabria 2008 - Definitely a club track. Shit is fire!

Blind To You - Another mellow track. Alright.

... and of course Wine Gal - I've had this for a while. Dope track. Love Beenie tracks.
jose 6:16 AM 26 June 2008
enur feat natasja --calabria is freakin hot they have a house song with the same beat that one is hot too
Dj Nyce 6:24 AM 26 June 2008
good look on including the collie buddz. that record is mad tuff. the beenie man record is a great club record. i wonder how it's doing in kingston? the wayne wonder joint is fiyah.

the mission riddim is fiyah. and i'm feeling the enur on the calabria track. definitely different.

i feel like rg 2008 is missing some artists like voice mail, movado and busy signal though.
asante 6:32 AM 26 June 2008
Reggae Gold is always a big release. Pretty much with these compilations you hardly need any other reggae mp3s in your crate. They are always the biggest hits. Mission Control and D'oh are locking down dances already and of course Calabria has gone clear internationally (RIP Natasja).

More more more.
Dj JumpOff 8:58 AM 26 June 2008
reggae gold always on top of the hits for years. i haven't got a corny one yet
selectajay 9:01 AM 26 June 2008
i went out & bought this cd personally!. lol.(collectors)..anyways..when promoting good vibes for the reggae massive,ive learned REGGAE GOLD will always satisfy the crowd! beenie man's wine gal tune is heavy right now...good look & keep the vibes comin.boom!!
DJPremium 9:07 AM 26 June 2008
I like reggae gold because it always has those hits that are good to have in the collection. Unfortuntely our largest reggae recordstore shut down, so it good to gt some of the clasics here. thanks
DjSugarDaddy 10:23 AM 26 June 2008
Compilation of the Year?
Calabria could be the hottest song of the year so far as well!
All the rest are HOT!
nuwave_afro 10:27 AM 26 June 2008
i neeeded a good copy of wine gal on mp3, so big thanks for that. The rest of the tunes i had already, but thats whats up... Reggae Gold is a guaranteed sureshot because it has proven hits.. Not the best source if you're looking to break records before the rest - but very necessary overall.
MK 1 11:00 AM 26 June 2008
As always a great release, thanks for the sampler... LOL at how Calabria 2007 has become calabria 2008... Track just wont go away!! I aint complaining though =)
daddy ruff jnr 11:19 AM 26 June 2008
Another proper selection nuff riddim
DJ Dax 12:33 PM 26 June 2008
That Wayne Wonder Track "For My Love" Is hot! It sounds like Trina rapping in it as well. The hip hop flavor in there is perfect, and then it's got some RnB in there as well! People will love this track! :) Can't wait to mix it in the playlist! :) Thanks
DJ Dax 12:35 PM 26 June 2008
The Calabria 2008 is by the far the hottest track on there! The rest are all good too, but that track is still always requested at every gig I've done! :) The beat is addicting and the crowd loves it!
DJ Dax 12:37 PM 26 June 2008
The Edwin Yearwood - Feels Like I'm Home Again (Album) is hot! Its really upbeat and it is perfect to through in for any background music at certain gigs! I like it! :)
DJ Dax 12:39 PM 26 June 2008
The Don Trent - Me & You (Album) is also very good! ;) Thanks again Whitelabel!
djshad 1:58 PM 26 June 2008
The Beenie Man Wine Gal track is amazing. I've been getting a great response to that track in my clubs. The Wayne Wonder track, he always kills it with his smooth vocals. My female demographic always loves his music. The syren track is amazing also
Phono Jones 2:20 PM 26 June 2008
BIG UP TO VP RECORDS, they have always produced heavy hitters! I owned a record store for 6 years and VP was always #1 pun de dj chart.
dj-m2g 2:26 PM 26 June 2008
very nice.
i dont't listen much Reggae tunes but this one is special :)
got summer feelings!!!
that's my fav... Calabria 2008 !!!
funkdigital 2:40 PM 26 June 2008
I love that Beenie Man track... Great music!!
CSR 2:49 PM 26 June 2008
When we played strictly vinyl, we collected all the Reggae Golds -- a great way to carry a bunch of big tunes with easy access... especially since the 45s usually didn't sound as good.

Now that we're not relying on vinyl, the Reggae Gold is not such a good source, since the hits on it have generally been club-play singles for months. Doh, Money Changer, Calabria, She Loves Me, The Mission & Blind To You have all been hits for a long time. It seems strange to give feedback for them now--they're already been confirmed successes by virtue of the fact they are in heavy club rotation. The Mission, Doh, and Money Changer get pure forwards right now.

Just started playing the Richie Spice though... The Plane Land, and we put it on our last mix CD. It's a good tune and I think it will do well in the reggae clubs.

The YT, Million Stylez, etc. track Champion Sound sounds like a new take on the classic killing tunes. I like it and the release time is right--right now while Auto-tune is the favourite flavour.
DJ Chris Petillo 3:13 PM 26 June 2008
Once again VP records comes together for another top notch album. It's great to have access to digital files from anywhere to spin. It makes the diversity of my job much easier. Big up to whitelabel, as I can see this becoming more of a staple in the industry. Good job with the tunes and keep them coming.

Goldenboy Productions
aly_gordon 4:38 PM 26 June 2008
A good mixture of reggae & dancehall tracks, some of which feature elements of RnB & hip-hop, ensuring there is something for everyone. The highlight of the album for me is Syren "Somebody Come Get Me" and Steven & Damian "Jr Gong" Marley "The Mission". Keep up the good work !
dj henroc 4:50 PM 26 June 2008
VP Records has been one of the GIANTS in the Roots, Reggae and Dancehall bizness for some time. Give thanks for putting together all of the hottest tracks year after year for our consumption. I'm really feeling The Mission Riddim, DOH and Calabria right now.

Big Up Ya Self
City Cat Sound System
irksome 6:00 PM 26 June 2008
looks like offering up 7" serato vinyl for comments is a good way to get a lot of feedback participation :^) ... in particular i can see playing Calabria 2008 (Album) out at a pool party this weekend- the "strictly the best" series is awesome, #17 is an all time fave
irksome 6:06 PM 26 June 2008
Kool DJ Sheak One 7:28 PM 26 June 2008
I have a fine collection of reggae gold records contained within my vast library of vinyl jems. VP has been pretty much able to collect more of the popular bangers of the year and put them together for our easy selecting enjoyment..
And with that, on to the review for "Reggae Gold 2008"

Wine Gal-Cool track, safe, but good enough. Give me the accapella and I will turn that one up a notch...BAM!

For my Love-Sounds like a regular rap song with subpar female vocals. Wayne is an old cat who has been in the game for a while. He sounds fine, but it could use a remix with some recognisable MC with maybe any kind of lyrical talent.

Blind to you-Colli can't do no wrong ever. This dude only chats on the hottest riddims out. This track is kinda old too. Still hot right now though, just don't play him out like SeandePaul.

Ease Off- I appreciate the roots sound, big respect for that. This particular track has kind of a weird key thing goin on that I am just not getting used to. Gimme dat accapella and I can fix that with the remix.

Somebody Come Get Me- This woman has a strong presence in her vocals. Not wimpy or insecure, Strong like a Lioness.
This one will get play on my reggae hour show I do for the internets on

Doh-Hmmmmm, production leaves a lot to be desired. Flip me that Accapella to this track and I can put some fire under those vocals. Chuuuuch.

The Mission-Kind of a sleepy military track with some wicked vocals that need listening too.
Needs a faster remix to make it really bang. Just seems like its just going through the motions.

Calabria 2008?- I coulda swore it was called "Calabria 2007" last year. A banger no doubt that has been raped by Lil John accordingly. I, however prefer this version, and can I say one thing about the video? "Greasy Asses"

(Note to Mods: is whitelabel going to be providing corrosponding videos to songs as well, just curious?)
Res-Q 7:58 PM 26 June 2008
Reggae Gold is one if not THE wickedest sum up for all the hot dancehall releases each year. This year it's full of number one tunes. Forward garanteed
SanMan_ish 9:06 PM 26 June 2008
i dont know how Calabria ended up on this release...

yet another GOLDen compilation from VP... I still feel that there needed to have a couple of unknown tracks for the album... all of these tracks were already singles b4...

said i'm blind to you haters...
tendai 9:06 PM 26 June 2008
these songs are an old head... got them all already
3sixty 12:28 AM 27 June 2008
Serani is killin it right now
DJ C.A.P 5:15 PM 27 June 2008
got most of these already...but it's all good :)
CRAZYD 6:09 PM 27 June 2008
This is for the guys behind serato an whitelabel am glad you guys are doing such promo with VP an GreenSleeve records am a DJ that use serato that if it wasnt for serato the cost for me to get all ma records wud be very great anyways I got to say now that you guy got the connect with vp an greensleeve would you please keep the tunes coming an step up the pace as am in dublin where reggae tunes is not easy to get an am still a head of white label an guys could you get old school dancehall tunes also as alot of the tune came out an 45 an not mp3 it would help dj who dont specialise in the genre like me can get it cause it is chaos as they wont even knw the names of the artist in the first place as they made it local in the dancehall circuit but not international , had to drop knowledge as its from my experience BLESS !
whitetbandit 3:39 PM 28 June 2008
Yo for the alub is not a bad album to roll wit... beenie man has a hot track for the club but i can't beleive they brought back the calibra.... i rock of that track when i was like 16....BIG UP.
aSiNe 12:49 PM 29 June 2008
yeah wine gal and plane land are the tunes that are hot on this. other tracks are pretty good but not so much for play out - the reggae gold releases are generally pretty good to get a hold of.
DJTaino 10:40 PM 29 June 2008
I'm loving Wine Gal, Blind To You, For My Love... I really like the compilation of tracks. Some of the other ones are little too mellow for me but still good production.
j 3:22 AM 30 June 2008
Great Album..all together !
casious 11:50 PM 1 July 2008
doh and the mission - bad man dance done!!!! serious tunes
calabria - you wanna fill the dance floor, just drop this joint here
blind to you - big tune too
concorde_pilot 7:21 AM 4 July 2008
not to much new shit but still very interesting for me
dj_nas_t 3:55 AM 7 July 2008
Always good as a catch up if you have missed something. Great for cutting down the records that you carry... on this record though.. I'd have to say that I haven't yet played Calabria in a reggae dance.. there never seems to be a right time for it. When I play in a top 40 dance it's a must play for the ladies.
rarematthew 9:41 PM 8 July 2008
"Wine Gal" - dope, sounds like the Neptunes went to Jamaica...

"For My Love" - it's cool, but if that's not Lil Kim rapping, then that girl should be arrested for identity theft...

"Blind To You" - dope, great melody, good sounding track, nice low end, he's hot, what else can you say...

"Ease Off" - not blown away by the track, I like the singer, reminds me of Wayne Smith a little bit...

"Somebody Come Get Me" - ..."he said the bitch name Sandra, and that's what cause all this drama..." i
mean, the melody's cool, the woman scorned theme is whatevs for me
personally, life's too short precious and valuable to be talking about pulling a
knife on your man/woman cause he/she is cheating, same old same old,
let's expand, not contract, cheers...

"Doh" - kinda boring, track could be mixed better, better sounds in general could help, not really hitting me...

"The Mission" - these guys always have some cool stuff, obviously... this track is interesting from the
perspective that it's not a typical track that I hear on reggae records, but I'm kinda middle of
the road on this, don't hate it, don't love it, but will play it out and see if it gets any

"Calabria 2008" - dope, will be able to play this one for sure, more on the pop side, will mix well with some
newer indie tracks as well
DJ Ricky_Dee 7:31 PM 17 August 2008
Reggae gold is always hot...
Taurus riley ease off is nice tune lyrics is good
Stephen and jr gong is hot..riddim is good lyric is a must that people is listen...thats history..
Enur...that bun the dancehall in 07 and that ish is still burning
Give Thanks for the tunes and please keep them commin'
Bless up Dj Ricky_Dee
DJ Ricky_Dee 7:32 PM 17 August 2008
oh i forgot the Serani....Boom tune
D.J. Ness 3:32 AM 13 August 2009
Enur Featuring Natasja - Calabria 2008 (Album)

this track made my laptop freeze every time i tried opening my whitelabel folder in windows explorer. it also made my laptop freeze when i tried adding it to winamp. when i played it in scratch live it got about half way through, then the audio cut out and my laptop froze.
dave 4:18 AM 13 August 2009
Uncool. Can you please upload that to us and we'll take a look?

Go here: or here:

Once you've uploaded the broken file, please redownload it and try again.
D.J. Ness 9:35 PM 13 August 2009
Sorry Dave, I had to delete the file in order to get my laptop back into tip top condition. I don't even have it in my recycle bin. One bad track out of the 175 I've downloaded isn't bad though. I posted a more detailed summary of the problem on another thread
dave 9:39 PM 13 August 2009
OK, if it ever happens again please upload the broken track first.
D.J. Ness 9:56 PM 13 August 2009
I redownloaded the track and it is playing just fine in winamp right now. If I get another bad file I'll be sure to upload it for ya.
dave 10:00 PM 13 August 2009
Cool, I'm glad you're sorted now.

Enjoy the tunes.
dirty dexx 3:26 PM 20 August 2009
hot tunes

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