A Sides - Definitive A Sides (Session 1) [Eastside Records]

11:23 PM, 30 Jun 2008
Download this Release here: whitelabel.net
MK 1 11:55 PM 30 June 2008
Great release.. Will listen to all tracks and leave feedback, BIG up A sides and his Eastside Records... Great to see this label on board..
Toby82 9:29 AM 1 July 2008
Normally don't listen much to d&b but some nice Tracks in your release. I like Seven Bars most...
Kool DJ Sheak One 4:29 PM 1 July 2008
So weird, I was just going through my A Sides folder last night to put some more d&b in my laptop.
Some really good tracks on this release, can't wait to rinse them out.
Thanks again for these! If I were to buy these back in the day, it would cost me over $150!
Now I can reap the benifits of being a whitelabel.net member :)
kid90nz 4:28 AM 2 July 2008
Awesome release. Nice to see the D'n'B scene getting involved.

The remixes of the classics (Calibre & Wake Up) are my picks of the lot. Oh, and Crazy (what, no VIP?)
DjKemix 7:54 AM 4 July 2008
there are a lot of NEW producers in D&B!!***Saburuko/Kubiks/Brother/Adam Form*** look out for these guyz might be future Dj Greats! would like to c more D&B releases.......as for the A Sides..glad to c these here...Good Job Whitelable
Stress213 12:56 AM 8 July 2008
Don't really spin this but it sounds clean... and high powered
MK 1 11:08 AM 14 July 2008
Been playing the Wake Up remix ALOT! All of them have their place though... Nice tracks, thanks 8/10
aSiNe 5:47 PM 14 July 2008
yeah nice to see a dnb release on here. the remixes all rate well - classic digital/spirit sound in membrane remix (boom!). tabasco is intresting - nice key drop lead on the beats at start.
not too tech all in all so good to see.
cowsonweed 7:06 AM 18 July 2008
thank youuu finaly sum dnb around here... gonna get a bong refill and listen to this one
cowsonweed 10:26 AM 18 July 2008
all tho all tunes are old not much new stuff innit nice to have these in good quality,...
DJ_Synplisity 7:21 PM 18 July 2008
great tracks, they are some that I will be laying down soon......keep them comming.
roybot 2:35 PM 26 July 2008
Yeah, I have a lot of old east side recs, anyhow a lot of a-sides sounds the same; but this album is GREAT! Very deep, still danceable, i hope there is some more in the pipeline...
DjKemix 10:17 AM 8 August 2008
plenty of new DNB producers out there....Whitelabel, u guys should hook up wit some Locked Down Heavy Hittin Labels like, Ganja Recs, Shogun Audio, Soul:R, Violence, been seein quality tunes released as of late.
paulie 8:20 PM 11 October 2008
Thanks for this! More drum & bass please!!!!!
peds 10:10 PM 14 November 2008
big dnb fan from day 1 nice tunes good to see some dnb here bring it on
rolz 3:20 AM 16 January 2009
spun space boogie earlier, solid album overall, then again tho a-side is a bad producer, look out for his older stuff if you like the musical dnb vibe he did with nathan under the alias sci-clone made some of my favourite drum and bass of all time. needs more dnb in here like some heads above pointed out.
popfilter 9:05 PM 1 April 2010
....good carpet...
acidshell 2:38 AM 31 October 2012
The whole thing is really good, nice bit of variety between the tracks

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