Krillz & Syah - From A Garden [Smacks Records]

1:57 AM, 2 Jul 2008
Download this Release here:
Kool DJ Sheak One 8:27 PM 2 July 2008
Someone link Nas to this mp3..
Let him know shit ain't dead, just his beats.
This sounds like some RZA on acid.
Lookin' for more cuts from Smacks.
Lank it up for the kid.
sixxx 5:15 AM 3 July 2008
Good shit. I'm feelin it.
concorde_pilot 7:29 AM 4 July 2008
good track
Crate 7:18 PM 6 July 2008
Yeah, this is on point. There's so much good Hip-Hop out there but Dj's don't control the market, AR's and Radio Personalities seem to.

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