C.L. Smooth - Multibarz Of Fury [St. Nick Entertainment/Foundation Media]

4:59 AM, 3 Jul 2008
Download this Release here: whitelabel.net
sixxx 5:13 AM 3 July 2008
Lovin' this track!!!! Good to hear good music again.
DJPremium 4:12 PM 6 July 2008
I second that, good to hear a CL track again.
Kool DJ Sheak One 12:35 AM 13 July 2008
<-----hoping for a Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth heater.......

still hoping...
The track, excuse me, Al Green song that is multibarz should be laced by crazy-ass Ghost Face, and not CL.

No Love-getting no love from me. Tearjerker that I can't get into. (mind you, this is coming from someone who is jaded by the Genius of Mecca and the Soul Brother)

And Soul Supreme: Shame on you for such a bad, blatant bite of a song Kanye would just erase off his MPC.

I hope the next three tracks off the album have a little more bite and heart, and less "trying so hard to please everybody" vibe.
SOUNDWAVE Sound Station 2:51 PM 13 August 2009
This would be a nice fill song at a block party and a good quiz song to see if one could determine if this song was made this year or during the 90's.

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