Holly Rae - Off The Meter [In Ya Face Records/One Stop Digital]

2:14 AM, 4 Jul 2008
Download this Release here: whitelabel.net
SanMan_ish 3:39 PM 4 July 2008
lets just say I really like the Ace of Base interpretation... this song will do well
dj_nas_t 3:26 PM 7 July 2008
The thing that stands out the most on this track is the Ace of Base sample, of course. I think that this song has a potential to do well in a top 40 club, but not a dancehall. I feel that this song may be stuck in the category it was sampled from. The song isn't bad, but could have been more.
Kool DJ Sheak One 3:27 AM 8 July 2008
All that she wants, is another remix.
I would rock Ace of Base before this, and the J.R. Totem with that hilarious sax patch is the epitome of cheese ball. We all know it is, but the cheese leads to cheddar, no doubt.
Comparing Holly to Mariah is a stretch. Riahanna is more like it.
And that being said, the girl has heart. She might do something dope on a collabo with a lyricist/singer like Kid Cudi. And with a production that is a little rougher and bangin, and not so Mickey Mouse.
jibe115 6:03 AM 16 January 2009
This has potential, am feelin some mash-ups and remixes...

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