Romeo - Get Low Wit It [GoDigital Records]

9:37 PM, 10 Jul 2008
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Kool DJ Sheak One 12:22 AM 13 July 2008
So many songs with Akon in it.
This might not be my first choice.
Beat is kinda boring, doesn't go anywhere.
Akon sounds constipated or just different.
Maybe he is pulling a Milli Vanilli and not the real guy singing.
The accapella could deffo work on a beat with a little more feeling in it.
This could be huge with a remix, or without.
DJ Wizdom 8:51 PM 23 August 2008
This track is really good for that pop 115 - 120 bpm set
DJ TK 5:23 AM 24 August 2008
I don't love this track but I don't hate it either.
DJ TK 5:23 AM 24 August 2008
but you right kool I can't stand akon in the beginning.
crisfox2 7:34 AM 26 August 2008
really good
DJ Wizdom 8:33 PM 22 June 2009
This track was hot! I played it many times at the club but I never heard it on the radio. Don't know why this never caught on.

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