Various Artists - Greensleeves Rhythm Album #87 (Airwaves) [Greensleeves Records]

12:41 AM, 14 Jul 2008
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MK 1 10:41 AM 14 July 2008
Nice Rhythm, i love rockin in & out of the different versions of these... Buss it up was my fave.. Here's to plenty of banging on the wall, thank heavens for relative mode :) 8/10 Thanks...
aSiNe 5:26 PM 14 July 2008
yeah classic riddim - be heavy on a loud system. liking the buju track
selectajay 8:37 PM 14 July 2008
i heard this riddm alot in jamaica last year! this riddm got a nice bounce to feelin the beenie man tune..check for movado..crowds love the movado track pon di gully side.job well done--boom bong bang!:)
Res-Q 7:50 PM 15 July 2008
Really hype in the European dancehalls. my top 5, Mavado, Elephant Man, Beenie Man, Buju, Idonia
SanMan_ish 2:04 AM 17 July 2008
ok... its old... but its hot... still gets played... use it as a ringtone... Mavado for the Gs and Beenie Man with some positivity
Caramac 2:59 PM 21 July 2008
This is another one of my faves. Can't really play it outside of a dancehall jam but definitely a must when in one.

Like the Mavado, Beenie, Spragga versions.
CRAZYD 1:42 PM 22 July 2008
air waves a boom it jus di selector dem ave to kwn how to drop it
dj_nas_t 9:59 PM 23 July 2008
Been playing this riddim from long time now. Was big when we played a dance in Jamaica last year. Of the ones posted the only ones we play are Ele and Beenie. There is a lot of filler on this riddim and gets boring too fast for crows if too many songs are played -- from observation.
Caramac 3:35 PM 30 July 2008
Was thinking about this tune last night. Every DJ seems to have a different combination that they play off this riddim. I was playing out and there were a few other selectors in this booth and each of use were drawing for different peices on this riddim.

Luckily the crowd seem to like all of them.
CRAZYD 3:35 AM 1 August 2008
straight caramac you rite it up to us djs to pick which tunes suite our style an drop it an not over do it especially when face with more than one djs in a venue .
DJ Ricky_Dee 4:28 AM 17 August 2008
hot riddim...keep them comming....
more reggae...more fire
Bless Dj Ricky_Dee
Dswift 6:35 PM 24 December 2008
I heard this track seems like a few years ago, (Movado - Pon Di Gully Side) and I thought then it was wicked the riddim is killing them as well. Everybody on this riddim sound tuff.

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