Sizzla - The Journey - The Very Best Of Sizzla Kalonji [Greensleeves Records]

9:34 PM, 29 Jul 2008
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Kool DJ Sheak One 12:49 AM 30 July 2008
Sizzla is the Truth!
So many good tunes.
How could you choose only these?
I have all these on vinyl and it is nice to get them in the wl format.
Thank you!
selectajay 5:15 AM 30 July 2008
kalonji is definitely a big artist! all these tunes are great. u cant go wrong with any of these. when u play sizzla. be prepared to get nuff forwards--keep dem lightas up! and keep the tunes comin..bless
Natural D 11:40 AM 30 July 2008
This is Vintage Sizzla Bad Bad Bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SanMan_ish 12:40 AM 4 August 2008
no real need to comment as its some of the BEst Sizzla fi true..
diablodigital 8:12 PM 6 August 2008
Wicked tunes.... they speak for themselves....Sizzla... One of the biggest artistes out of Jamaica... dun know
TheDjHeat 3:49 PM 7 August 2008
Great tunes, even better vibes. thanks again
DJ Ricky_Dee 4:04 AM 17 August 2008
Sizzla is reality..The solution tune is it..
aSiNe 6:53 PM 21 August 2008
yeah this is amazing stuff
Dswift 6:26 PM 24 December 2008
Big Chune, You could play this anytime anyday and people recognize this. Classic
SOUNDWAVE Sound Station 2:53 PM 13 August 2009
This song is very well written but it is the voice of Sizzla that gives it the character that draws one to listen.
tailspin 7:45 AM 4 May 2012
they should upload the Rihanna Remix to this... omg.. i've been so behind....

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