Doujah Raze - Irish Cream [Foundation Media]

4:00 AM, 14 Aug 2008
Download this Release here:
nik39 12:35 PM 14 August 2008
Niiiiiiice :)

Who did the scratches for Irish Cream?
selectajay 5:56 PM 14 August 2008
yea this is real hip hop..the scratches are dope.beat is bangin too!! good job irish, ur real MC with lyricism! i like this issh!
dj_soo 4:01 AM 18 August 2008
nice - finally some good hiphop...
Dj Jaitz 8:24 AM 19 August 2008
aSiNe 6:13 PM 21 August 2008
yeah this is top - be slewing this out definite
Daveykaywavey 10:20 PM 22 August 2008
now this is real hip hop.
Lovin it!
kid90nz 10:58 PM 26 August 2008
Pretty hot tune. Reminds me of some Gangstarr stuff. But that might just be the scratch chorus. ;)
roybot 6:08 PM 27 August 2008
Yeah definately like gang starr, not too least because of the beatmaking.

mabe the most useful download for me so far.
roybot 6:08 PM 27 August 2008
mabe = maybe, sorry.
feniks 4:23 PM 31 August 2008
sounds like a cross between gang starr and dilated peoples. nice one!

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