Lizzy Parks - Raise The Roof [Tru Thoughts]

12:49 AM, 20 Aug 2008
Download this Release here:
Detroitbootybass 6:14 PM 20 August 2008
She's got some pretty good pipes on her and the backing music is very well done.

Good release!
aSiNe 6:11 PM 21 August 2008
yeah its well produced and pretty chill...
cheeba (the believer) 10:01 AM 26 September 2008
so glad to see lizzie making it big. such mature vocals... amazing. those who dont know her should check out her other stuff!

stunningly beautiful too :)
fusic 6:55 PM 21 October 2008
Not a track I'd mix but I'm looking to pick up the LP for some home listening. Good addition to the Tru Thoughts family
nuwave_afro 9:03 PM 11 November 2008
this is the 5th tru thoughts track in a row that has blown me away. So either big up their whole catalog or BIG ups for sending the extra-great stuff to serato/whitelabel.

and the chick can sing!
dave 9:05 PM 11 November 2008
Tru Thoughts is quality!
Kool DJ Sheak One 9:31 PM 12 November 2008
cool, jazzy stuff.
and yes, this girl can sing.
i could play this at a couple spots, so i will give it a play.
Tru thoughts comin through once again...
cheeba (the believer) 12:45 PM 14 November 2008
video is now up ;)
DJ G-Money 1:31 AM 18 November 2008
Nice chill vibe. I would like to hear more from her.

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