Mr. Scruff - Music Takes Me Up [Ninja Tuna]

12:44 AM, 20 Aug 2008
Download this Release here:
octo 5:27 AM 20 August 2008
dlin' now, also got his other 2 EPs from the all-new Ninja Tuna ( - great stuff, check out - 'Kalimba' on that site - or on my podcast:
aly_gordon 9:23 AM 20 August 2008
More solid jazz-tastic stuff from Mr Scruff following such greats as Honeydew, Get A Move On & Spandex Man, confirming his place in the Ninja Tune hall of fame.
Detroitbootybass 6:20 PM 20 August 2008
Beautiful voice... hot song.

This one immediately gets bumped up to head of the class!
Flipsta 8:44 PM 22 August 2008
This song has that classic analog sound, great track! Played it twice last night!
Marqs 11:54 AM 29 August 2008
Oh that's funky and soulful. Nice vocal work from Alice Russell. Definitly a keeper! Mr. Scruff does it again!
djaub1 4:53 AM 25 September 2008
love it. we need more
nuwave_afro 8:28 PM 11 November 2008
love it. we need more

Kool DJ Sheak One 9:59 PM 12 November 2008
Threw this one down at a swanky Hollywood suare.
It went over with the well-to do.
Had a couple cats peek over my shoulder with their monacles.
Gotta love the Scruffy-Poo.
Dude is livin large off that Lincoln money.
tommy tea 2:58 AM 9 December 2008
Bought this a while ago. Amazing tune, always goes off when it gets played and I love Alice Russell! Anything he vocals touches is beautiful. I met her in London last week :D

Maximium Rumbleage!
Fields 6:16 PM 6 February 2009
WoW. didn't see this comin. wickedness
nik39 7:35 PM 10 February 2009
Beautiful voice... hot song.


more of this kind :)
DJ_Stupa 4:13 AM 11 April 2011
More stuff like this on White Label please :D

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