Tittsworth - WTF [Plant Music]

12:45 AM, 20 Aug 2008
Download this Release here: whitelabel.net
dj collar 3:19 PM 20 August 2008
Great track!! Nice to see Tittsworth & Pase get on here. Thanks whitelabel! You had a busy couple days.
jose 2:49 AM 21 August 2008
yeah i second that i like this song
scarMixxed 6:16 PM 22 August 2008
Dope track.
Phooka 9:55 PM 23 August 2008
always bangin with these guys
djjohnmichael 11:39 AM 31 August 2008
Like any Tittsworth track, this stays on the laptop forever, but I was hoping for an actual "W-T-F" somewhere in there :P
nuwave_afro 8:26 PM 11 November 2008
yeah yo, no wtf? WTF?!
sufficiently bangin track rite here tho. Tittsworth is pretty much automatic - this song is no exception.
Kool DJ Sheak One 10:37 PM 12 November 2008
aw yeah, good stuff.
I started off a mix with this track.... and sprinkled my own magic on top of it.. www.stickam.com (no trainwreck)
beatdown 5:13 AM 8 January 2009
Love the track, and DAMNIT i bought it TWO DAYS before whitelabel posted it. If labels want it to be the best promo tool it can be, then they have to release on whitelabel on a promo schedule. Maybe because its aimed at DJs more than a mainstream audience? I dunno. Anyway, Titts can keep the $1.39 or whatever fration he actually gets; I'm happy with the top quality version. Keep the bmore flavor coming - some T&A in the future?
Psyphris 10:08 PM 8 January 2009
Tittsworth is always good, more T&A/Bmore in the future would be awesome!
Kool DJ Sheak One 10:53 AM 26 June 2009
Can we get that funky ass remix you guys are pressing up on wax for this track please???

Holla if ya hear me!

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