The Pharcyde - Runnin'/4 Better Or 4 Worse RMXXS [Delicious Vinyl]

12:45 AM, 20 Aug 2008
Download this Release here:
Detroitbootybass 6:36 PM 20 August 2008
This is more like it!

Two good remixes complete with... wait for it... instrumentals and accapellas!

Thank you very much!
beatdown 4:54 AM 21 August 2008
I love it! Numark's piano sample's been runnin through my head all week

Sam 7:21 AM 22 August 2008
wow, the Runnin' acapella. nize
soon-2-be-ex-FS2user_2.0 9:51 PM 22 August 2008
feniks 3:16 PM 29 August 2008
gud sheet. played runnin' last night and had the other DJ beggin me for it. had to switch on AM mode for a while...hehe
jusspin 11:16 AM 4 March 2009
the remix instrumental to running is a little cluttered, but extreamly well done. It has crazy dynamics and the build ups gets my shit thumpin foreal...

amazing remix...
djtbone 8:14 AM 5 March 2009
Really like these tracks. 9 out 10
cguerrero72 11:42 PM 8 May 2009
dope dope dope!
jaistar 9:13 PM 4 April 2013
soooo good for the soul but why is the bitrate so low (32 kbps)? downloaded it three times - same low quality.

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