Young MC - Bust A Move RMXXS by Don Rimini and Diplo [Delicious Vinyl]

12:45 AM, 20 Aug 2008
Download this Release here:
Detroitbootybass 6:31 PM 20 August 2008
I got really excited to see another instrumental to download, but it really didn't grab me. The Diplo vocal remix was better, but that was only because of Young MC's voice.

The other remixes were... eek... harsh.
DJTaino 8:30 AM 21 August 2008
Detroit, the same happen to me.... When I saw "Young MC - Bust A Move" I was speeding thru the pages to listen to it.. But I was disappointed.. Didn't like them at all...
roybot 5:40 PM 24 August 2008
me too... this is crap.
Toby82 2:10 PM 12 October 2008
Diplo RMX is the best mix, but still not my favorite..
nik39 12:25 PM 23 October 2008
I think I prefer the Don Rimini Mix
Dj Empire 7:22 AM 21 December 2008
Love all the remixes have yet to play them in my set because my club is a lil mainstream but def looking for a set to play the tracks... love the original and these remixes do it justice
Culprit 4:17 AM 6 January 2009
I think I prefer the Don Rimini Mix

DOn Rimini is a new favorite of mine at the moment.
Psyphris 5:11 AM 6 January 2009
the Don RImini Mix is sick, I'm not sure which one is my favorite they're both good.
beatdown 11:28 PM 10 January 2009
diplo is nasty nasty - love the mad decent radio podcast... gotta agree with most though that the Don Rimini RMX is best here
djpuma_gemini 11:26 PM 13 January 2009
The Don Rimini one is sick, so sick I made a video remix of it. Not the best but still looks nice
funktruck 9:22 PM 20 January 2009
really like dom rimini mix as well as the diplo version find im playing the dom rimini one more tho
charlee1985 9:14 PM 22 January 2009
its not bad, i will play it out couple of times :)

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