Salah Ragab & The Cairo Jazz Band - Neveen [Jazzman Records]

12:44 AM, 20 Aug 2008
Download this Release here:
Detroitbootybass 6:07 PM 20 August 2008
Very, very nice quality release! It makes my brain feel all warm and fuzzy inside...

I saw this track a couple of years ago on an album that, I think, was called 'In Egypt' or something similar. I didn't end up buying it and now I see that I made a mistake that fateful day. That you so much for bringing this to Whitelabel... it gave me a second chance!

BTW - Are we going to see any Funk45 releases at Whitelabel (all my fingers and toes are crossed)?
MK 1 3:09 PM 27 August 2008
treeo730 2:37 AM 17 October 2008
Yup, good stuff..... I' listen to alot of jazz and I actually like the old analog feel to this track, it seems like it was recorded on some cheap old gear. NIce.

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