Culture & The Deejay's - Culture & The Deejay's At Joe Gibbs 1977-79 [VP Records]

10:09 PM, 24 Aug 2008
Download this Release here:
aSiNe 4:36 PM 25 August 2008
OOooo what a treat! Fantastic stuff!
selectajay 9:00 PM 25 August 2008
rockers at its best from the legendary CULTUREl!! great music from a great musician!! classic --r.i.p Joseph Hill ur music will live on!..giv thnx vp records! bless..
Smartus 3:24 AM 2 November 2008
Very nice release - didn't download cause I actually bought the CD.

Again (same as with the Dennis Brown 12" compilation from VP): some of those 12" Versions have the bonus part (DJ or instrumental version) editet right after the track fades out. In Serato, this makes me just set a few extra cuepoints. But if I were to spin the actual CD, I'd rather have those two tracks that are packaged as one 12" mix split into two seperate tracks (only for those tracks that really come with a tiny gap between part 1 and part 2 of the 12").
djtonypsalms 3:59 AM 5 January 2009
Brap... Brap... Brap!!!
PMYSKO 9:09 PM 14 September 2013
R.I.P Joseph Hill your music will live on!

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dj wastywhyte 12:58 AM 27 June 2017
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Kimbrely 7:53 AM 26 November 2017
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