Dennis Brown - "A Little Bit More" Joe Gibb's 12" Selection (1978-83) [VP Records]

4:43 AM, 27 Aug 2008
Download this Release here:
selectajay 6:11 PM 27 August 2008
Nice selections from Joe Gibbs on this one.all these tunes are huge feelin the track --loves got a hold on me. that riddim can be heard on some big sounds throughout the world. R.I.P Dennis Emmanuel Brown, his music lives on! keep the vibes comin!.bless..
DJ Ricky_Dee 3:35 AM 30 August 2008
good selections...D Brown..the prince of reggae..
GIVE THANKS for the BIG tunes..
Selecta Belly B 3:17 PM 2 October 2008
Big Collection

Nice work WL Crew...
love to see more reggae pon as its truely the best music around

i finaly got the tunez that i needed :-)
Smartus 3:24 AM 2 November 2008
Very nice release. Have most of those tunes in my 7" collection, but this saves me the time to rip them. Would love to see more more of those VP revival stuff on here!

And for some constructive feedback: some of those 12" Versions (i.e. A Little Bit More) have the bonus part (DJ or instrumental version) editet right after the track fades out. In Serato, this makes me just set a few extra cuepoints. But if I were to spin the actual CD, I'd rather have those two tracks that are packaged as one 12" mix split into two seperate tracks.
Kool DJ Sheak One 7:28 PM 2 November 2008
Let Me Love You, A Little Bit More, Your Love's Got A Hold On Me : Big tunes with crucial riddims from the masters, Joe Gibbs and Dennis Brown.
Some Massive Lovers Rock.
Big ups VP
Keep the Foundation music coming!
djtonypsalms 4:01 AM 5 January 2009
Crucial chunes... A MUST!!!

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