Thara - Murder [Orange Factory Music]

1:01 AM, 28 Aug 2008
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yossarian 2:53 PM 29 August 2008
I think this song could make into the charts and on the dance floors as well. Based on the Bollywood Riddim which is still a good riddim to tease the girls on the floor.
Dj Agent Zero 11:19 AM 18 October 2008
Nice Partytrack! - what the girls talk about.
g money 6:02 AM 20 October 2008
nice / track 1 is hot
djrozqui! 1:47 AM 31 August 2009
all the girls will surely like all her tracks. it's even good as starter to get 'em(girls) off their seats. very good for rnb gigs!
DJ Cool Heat 1:56 AM 26 February 2010
Dj.Breezz 9:27 AM 9 February 2013
Thara's murder is a great track an there needs to be a instrumental A.S.A.P. love this track!
kukubird 6:43 AM 7 July 2016
verry nice
kukubird 6:44 AM 7 July 2016
I like Tara
kukubird 6:47 AM 7 July 2016
I use the DDJ Ergo und enjoy it.

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