Thad Reid - Top Of The Heights [FTP Records]

1:02 AM, 28 Aug 2008
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yossarian 3:00 PM 29 August 2008
wow! really like the instrumental. Reminds me on the early 90s. May be a revival of this groovy hip hop stuff? Hope so.
nuwave_afro 8:17 PM 11 November 2008
great piano loops, true. yeah its dope. nah, its not comin back.
Kool DJ Sheak One 11:03 PM 12 November 2008
word is bond dunny.
this joint is flavor.
Sounds like Asheru
jusspin 1:28 AM 29 November 2008
is this not kero ones beat?
kero one - in all the wrong places
same sample at least....thats wackkk

you tube it
he produced it
Kool DJ Sheak One 6:18 PM 1 December 2008
hmm, kero did do this sample.

Kinda feelin the flow on this one a little more.

Hip Hop has many songs with exact same samples. Sometimes cats don't even know they are using the same one.

These drums are hitting harder, and it is a different take on it.

It aint wack, its hip hop.
jusspin 4:11 PM 6 December 2008
hmm gues ur right...i suppose to me it would only b wack since this track came out after kero ones..and IF he did it knowingly... if he didn't know then its juss a case of coincidence..and i shoulnd't have judged the wackness soo soon..hah
i know it happens alot
but i duno juss a personal opinion in terms of samples
like mayb chopping it or smth

some cats don't know
some do? no one wil know except kero and who ever produced thad reids track

this track is wicked still and i love both instrumentals of kero n thad
and yeah i agree wiht u bout the vocals

i juss wish i could find more of thad reid
thorrin 8:25 PM 26 July 2009

New to the site... Just wanted to post on this track. I absolutely LOVE it. Man, it sounds like some smooth early 90s stuff. Just some pure head noddin' goodness. The sax during the hook is a nice touch too! I love finding gems like this. I hope to find many more along these lines.


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