Amber Sunshower - The Turtle Chronicles [Shamalama Music]

3:09 AM, 1 Sep 2008
Download this Release here:
sedmonds 3:48 AM 31 October 2008
Great to see this name in the fold of new releases. Her release on either 4AD or 4'th and Broadway is a personal favorite. And an album that I have been hoping to reclaim for years. I definitely will review this new one. Great addition! Thanks.
DJ G-Money 1:20 AM 18 November 2008
Love every song. Never knew she had another album besides Walter T.
djaub1 12:01 AM 19 November 2008
like it. really smooth vocals
Detroitbootybass 8:39 PM 11 February 2009
Great release... especially considering that it is eight songs!


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