Mavado - On The Go [Faster Than A Bullet] [VP Records]

11:51 PM, 3 Sep 2008
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DJ Ricky_Dee 3:03 AM 11 September 2008
hot tune....and its new...i like...getting up to date with the reggae tunes..
give thanks
SanMan_ish 1:53 AM 13 September 2008
hah... sing over version cause Asafa eh d fastest man alive... I would only use the instrumental... big up NIKE for the sponsorship...
CRAZYD 2:25 PM 25 September 2008
NIKE for sponsorship dont ya mean PUMA, nike dont do nuh ting fi jamaica sprint team ya thinkin of da U.S .
Dswift 6:25 PM 24 December 2008
Tune not to new since Movado drop it right after he won the gold medals. Tune and riddim mad.
Redi2roc 8:45 AM 24 January 2009
doing great up here! Old but still good :)
thegroovecity 1:11 PM 24 January 2009
djchase 5:00 AM 4 March 2009

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