Kidz In The Hall - The Amazin Race (Mixed) [Major League]

11:52 PM, 14 Sep 2008
Download this Release here:
DJ Dooby 11:08 PM 22 September 2008
Hopefully they will keep on racing. This release puts some hope in the future. Good beats and a good flow... and well they even have sum to say. Goood!
fadwidit 10:57 PM 11 December 2008
Man I just didnt bother checkin for these dudes before, but Im likin them.
I got the Nawledge is power mixtape off here, but it kinda defeats the purpose cause I can listen to them on my Ipod properly.

Would like to see more singles of theirs on here.

They still gained a fan tho.
Awesome rappers/songwriters, got the ability to connect with the listener good.
beatdown 5:05 AM 8 January 2009
Saw them open at Rock the Bells this summer - intelligent mcs that can still rock the mic and the crowd

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