The Cool Kids - Delivery Man [Green Label Sound]

11:56 PM, 14 Sep 2008
Download this Release here:
dj collar 8:23 PM 15 September 2008
Nice!! Way to go whitelabel, I'm lovin The Cool Kids, great track. Great old-school'ish hip hop.
Check them out on iTunes as well.
nuwave_afro 4:25 PM 11 November 2008
YOOOOOO! this is fresh as hell - i already liked these kids. this track is their best overall effort. can i get a inst?
djtbone 2:05 PM 11 March 2009
Dope. 8 out of 10.
dj buterd hams 5:42 AM 16 March 2009
Yeah track is sick haven't got it yet but will dl soon
ThAt DiGitAL kiD 9:00 PM 16 March 2009
Mad props to serato and the cool kids....flavorful joint....8/10

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