Various Artists - Subway Series Vol. 1 [Major League]

11:20 PM, 25 Sep 2008
Download this Release here:
nik39 12:44 AM 7 October 2008
Holy canoly... this tracklist and artistlist looks like... wow!
EL CONDUCTOR 6:35 AM 9 December 2008
Fer sure this is like an undergrounds most under rated line up.
djmrgrant 6:18 PM 18 January 2009
It's iiight...just wish we could stop spraying anger at people. Dope beat. Instrumental???
DJCHEEKS 1:44 AM 23 January 2009
peace this is some hip hop ish!!!!! definately for my mixtapes !!!! bless me some more
Lauschgift72 10:35 AM 1 February 2010
this release is honey, it screams for AAA+++ rating, thanxxx for the great tune here on
DJ Shameless 8:45 PM 1 February 2010
finally.... i can listen to new stuff, without having to dig. thankyou WL.

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