Ultra Nate' - Twisted (Got Me Goin' Round) [Tommy Boy Entertainment]

10:29 PM, 30 Sep 2008
Download this Release here: whitelabel.net
Summonedknight69 5:52 PM 1 October 2008
This is a good download to have for whitelabel. i thought there would be no house music here(still waiting for trance and techno) but to get this and from a major label like tommy boy its helps me believe that more is yet to come
Detroitbootybass 9:29 PM 3 October 2008
The first two mixes were too 'clubby' for my tastes.

The third mix (Lost Daze Classic Mix) was decent, though it didn't jump out and grab me.

The gem here is Louie's mix (which sound VERY similar to the Kenny Dope dub released back in May).

Too bad there isn't an instrumental!
DJ Art Pumpin Payne 3:56 AM 11 October 2008
Pretty cool track, the Louie Vega mix caught my eye but the Craig C mix sounds pretty cool, but I agree with my Detroit homie, the Lost Daze mix seems to be the winner here. The Louie mix is okay but a bit too "pop" for me with those buzy synths (MAW dub and bonus beats would have been nice also).

The Cube Guys mix should appeal to the Hipster electro House guys.

Good release over all. Keep the Tommy Boy House/Dance (and other stuff) coming plz....
paulie 8:38 PM 11 October 2008
Yup, third on that. Louie's mix the the best of the lot
SonicSupreme 12:04 AM 12 October 2008
Louie's mix is the hands down, no argument, the realest mix & therefore the best mix! But that would never surprise me because Louie Vega is one of the realest djs/producers ever in the history of the game.
DJ-LUCKY 1:16 AM 16 October 2008
It is soooooooooooooooooo great to be able to see her EVERY month right here at home in Baltimore!!! DJ LUCKY!

Alex_S 1:47 PM 17 October 2008
Louies Mix is a decent deep house track, the other ones are just average dance mixes. where do you got the vocal from? Sound like a 1998 sample cd..."got me going round and round"?
Trakklaya 4:36 AM 20 October 2008
Wow, they decided to re-rlease this? I remember when this was released years ago. The Bossa Nova mix was my s__t!!! It's good to see Ultra's doing her thing. She's an icon here in Baltimore. I seen when she first started doing the Sugar parties at Sonar. I actually played at a couple of them in the 2nd room playing HipHop and R&B. Then, she moved the parties to 1722 N. Charles St. Big up to the whole underground scene. If you want to hear some of that underground Baltimore sound from an electronic/ house perspective, check out "The Audio Infusion" w/ my boy DJ Patrick Scientific on Saturday nights/ Sunday mornings from Midnight - 5am on 88.9 WEAA FM. The show offers everything from experimental, drum-n-bass, breakbeats, and of course HOUSE!! I even drop in from time to time to do a mix for the show. You can also listen online at www.weaa.org. If you check out the show & decide to call the station to holla at my boy Patrick, tell him you heard about the show from DJ Trakklaya (pronounced "track-layer").
g money 5:28 AM 20 October 2008
fusic 6:25 PM 21 October 2008
Classic track. The Louie Vega mix is still the best sound of the lot for my tastes but good to hear the other takes on it
DJ Dynamite - NJ 3:28 PM 25 October 2008
Really feeling the Louie Vega mix
Maskrider 6:15 AM 4 November 2008
All in all this is a good track
Fields 5:38 PM 6 February 2009
Vega and Craig mixes.
nik39 7:40 PM 10 February 2009
The first two mixes were too 'clubby' for my tastes.


The third mix (Lost Daze Classic Mix) was decent, though it didn't jump out and grab me.

The 3rd one is cool.

The gem here is Louie's mix.

CJD 4:52 PM 12 February 2009
Damn good!!!! Go Louie!
Just B 2:45 AM 3 March 2009
You can not go wrong with these trax. OMG gimmmmmmeeeeeee more LOUIE! Just Dope
louderthanabomb 5:16 AM 4 June 2009
Hardto touch the original in my opinion. The Lost Daze mix wasnt too bad tho.
DJ Defiant NJ 8:19 AM 22 July 2009
I'm a big Ultra Nate fan. Been using this one for a while. Really like this track.

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