Downtown Isis - 2 Sexy []

10:06 PM, 2 Oct 2008
Download this Release here:
g money 5:20 AM 20 October 2008
cool beat something for ladys i give it a 3
FunkyRob 3:42 AM 2 November 2008
I was kinda feeling it until she started quoting Right Said Fred 2:21 AM 7 November 2008
what up like the song except for the hook??...maybe i can get you a version without it??...just trying to improve on things...gary
djmrgrant 6:09 PM 18 January 2009
This is the type of track that will come out of leftfield and surprise some people. Would love to hear some remixes...chop it-fix it-scratch it-drop it...
CJD 4:50 PM 12 February 2009
needs some work but to sexy for king kong woahhhh
Fields 4:32 PM 12 March 2009
I'll mess around with it, fun instrumental

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