Afrika Bambaataa - Got That Vibe [Tommy Boy Entertainment]

10:32 PM, 6 Oct 2008
Download this Release here:
kid90nz 4:03 AM 7 October 2008
Sick, sick, sick. Afrika still going strong.
yossarian 10:20 PM 8 October 2008
I really like the instrumental. Good breakbeat stuff.
dead serious 12:46 AM 10 October 2008
ummm just a heads up but on the Radio version I believe I hear cuss words. Right?
thomasblondet 4:44 PM 16 October 2008
FK5 did it up on this track!!
Dj JumpOff 3:30 AM 17 October 2008
Bam still has that classic sound. It's world music all the way. All hip hop lives..................................
tendai 7:17 AM 17 October 2008
Hmm... the instrumental is cool. the song could use some remixing tho
Alex_S 1:31 PM 17 October 2008
good instrumental. nice acapella dj tool.
andosguy 1:35 PM 17 October 2008
i absolutley love the instrumental! however im not diggin the vocals, could still use it though
DJCHEEKS 8:40 PM 17 October 2008
peace Afrika Bambaataa & King Komonzi keep doing your thing!!! This track is tight i'm definately putting this on my site...
g money 5:12 AM 20 October 2008
i give it a 1
fusic 6:18 PM 21 October 2008
Nice uptempo beat. Not 100% loving the chorus on the first listen but will see if it grows on me, if not I'll still have the instrumental ;)
aSiNe 3:44 PM 23 October 2008
pretty good track - agreed the instrumental is better.
FunkyRob 5:42 AM 24 October 2008
Damn, I am digging this
CJD 4:46 PM 12 February 2009
Incredible Incredible... would you expect less from BAM!
DJ 3pm 6:36 PM 7 March 2009
top notch. very nice write up from Tommy Boy about the Bam.
aj5000 7:49 PM 18 March 2009
this is hot man
djbamboogie 3:20 PM 7 June 2009
BX is in the House! BAM is no joke! Heads wish they had skills and knowledge like BAM! Makes me proud to be from the BX! Bronx River - P Chester - Castle Hill ALWAYS! This is HOT LIKE YOU WOULDN'T BELIEVE!!
DJ Prinvale` 3:56 AM 9 June 2009
oh damn I didn't realize I never wrote feedback for this track. LOVED this release. It fits well wtih a classic hip hop set and a lot of underground afro juke/boogie music which I'm starting to get more and more into because of the damn catchy beats.

big thumbs up to Bambaataa for this one!!

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