Bimbo Jones - And I Try [Tommy Boy Entertainment]

10:33 PM, 6 Oct 2008
Download this Release here:
andosguy 1:36 PM 17 October 2008
regular and remixes were great... definatly using this song
Alex_S 1:37 PM 17 October 2008
Lee Dagger Mix definetely has groove. Other mixes are typically electro house/dance style.
Acapella is nice.
jose 11:39 PM 18 October 2008
all the remixes reminds me of the 90s which was great house music back then
g money 5:14 AM 20 October 2008
nice house beat give it a 2
jose 3:52 AM 2 November 2008
listing to it some more it needs more radio play its a great song
CJD 4:47 PM 12 February 2009
Playing this regularly... nice to mix with
Zeal303 5:01 PM 24 March 2009
Excellent old school (90's vocal house) style. Love the normal version (the run of the mill electro mixes are not doing it for me).

More house please!
GroovyDan 1:45 PM 17 September 2009
Like all except the RADIO MIX, will play some mixes 4*

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