Mikix The Cat - Freeze EP [Trouble & Bass Recordings]

10:33 PM, 6 Oct 2008
Download this Release here: whitelabel.net
Dax 9:55 AM 8 October 2008
i'm a fan of Kanji Kinetic and like what ive heard on trouble & bass,but cant say i'm a fan of this(yet) maybe its a grower,have a gig this coming friday,Kanji Kinetic is playing as well,so one of us will be playing it.
MK 1 1:17 PM 9 October 2008
I'm loving it after 1 listen.. This label is BOSS!!!
Dax 2:25 AM 11 October 2008
hooked up with Kanji Kinetic tonight,really nice guy and he droped some great tunes,i played the track tonight on big rig and it rocked!!

got a grower,its a banger:)
g money 5:16 AM 20 October 2008
CJD 4:48 PM 12 February 2009
Like I drank 10 redbulls with a gallon of Ny_quil....
Sorry but no....

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