Nick van Gelder feat. Mazen - Won't You Stop [BBE Records]

10:41 PM, 7 Oct 2008
Download this Release here:
DJ Art Pumpin Payne 3:38 AM 11 October 2008
Nice Disco-ish - Deep House feel to the track. It's been a minute since I have been on This was a real treat to keep me coming back more often to see if I can get more stuff like this.
SanMan_ish 1:42 PM 11 October 2008
agreed... nice mowtown sound and feel
tendai 7:20 AM 17 October 2008
Nice and smooth but it's not a party song and does not have any characteristics that could make it famous
Alex_S 1:27 PM 17 October 2008
Very average deep house track. Nothing Special.
Detroitbootybass 7:21 PM 17 October 2008
Good funk-soul feel... great bass work... perfect vocals. This is the best Whitelabel release in the past couple of months. More songs like this would really make me smile!
g money 5:04 AM 20 October 2008
that is a nice track i give it 4
fusic 6:15 PM 21 October 2008
I think the repeated use of the word "nice" says a lot. Good loungin track, will go in the library for suitable occasions
dj pauly 5:05 PM 8 November 2008
soulful track - I agree with 'fusic' - definitely a lounge track. Keep bringing more releases like this here...I love hip-hop, but the there is more than enough on this site.
nuwave_afro 3:08 PM 11 November 2008
deep house done well. nothing special. but jamiroquai is appreciated by the finest females on the planet (in my experience, it seems to be a constant), so there is something about this record that WILL work :)
DJ Rev Lee 5:56 AM 8 January 2009
this one works with a packed floor about 3 in the morning at the late night set...
Fields 5:23 PM 6 February 2009
Sick house track
nik39 7:42 PM 10 February 2009
I agree with 'fusic' - definitely a lounge track. Keep bringing more releases like this here.

I like the track. Nice.

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