High Fidelity Soundsystem (DJ Dooby)
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  • Location Frankfurt, Germany
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    Funkdooby (aka DJ Dooby) is a sure shot party rocker who is not only known for his turntable skillz but for his extraordinary freestyle/ mashup-sound and his feel for the crowd. His sets represent a caleidoscope of urban club music. He combines Funk, Soul, Breaks, Oldschool Hip-Hop, Reggae, Dub, Latin, Electro, and Drum&Bass. Born in Dresden, he started as a pioneer of the early 90's east german hip-hop scene, playing numerous famous clubs and festivals and alongside some great names throughout the years. Besides playing in clubs, he promoted own parties, got involved in several music projects and toured with the Funk band EASY TUNES. In 1998 he became also finalist at the National Stanton DJ Championships. Being a real globe trotter who has been exploring new territories he played several times at the MIX in Dubai, one of the biggest clubs of the middle east. He also gained huge respect in India, were he lived for three years playing big clubs like ELEVATE and organizing own events. Right now he lives in Frankfurt, Germany and with dj-partner Stupid Deep from bureau45 he is part of the HIGH FIDELITY SOUNDSYSTEM.
1. Unknown (Vinyl) - Unknown (Vinyl)
2. High Fidelity - Blue Hour - Intro
3. Unknown (Vinyl) - Unknown (Vinyl)
4. Wax Tailor - Que Sera
5. Funky Fresh Few - Deadbeat
6. Unknown (Vinyl) - Unknown (Vinyl)
7. Mr Scruff - Naughty Mouse
8. VARIOUS - Gang Starr's From Another World
9. Sacred Spirit - Tor Cheney Naha (Howie B. Left Foot Mix)
10. Waiwan - Blue