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    For El Conductor, music has always been around. His grandfather blew the horn as a touring jazz musician, father a percussionist and eventually he too was drawn to the drums. From an early age he did not discriminate or fixate on a specific genre. His love for the core elements of hip hop eventually led to an intense study of the legendary DJ�s and artists who came before. At an early age he started digging in the crates, collecting gear and absorbing everything he could about music culture. This obsession has carried on professionally since 1996.

    A northern Cali kid through and through, life called him to Phoenix AZ, playing house parties, raves and regularly attending the renowned Bomb Shelter functions. His time in Arizona proved to him that it could be done, and his passion grew more focused and intense. El Conductor returned to California, finding a home in San Francisco with the Compression Crew SF.

    Scratch, juggle, blend and mix.