Dj PhatSoul (PhatSoul)
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  • Location Tucson, United States of America
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    I've been spinning since 1985 I use to play at my old highschool dances. I remember actually going to the record store and buying all the classic HipHop singles you can think of. Back when I had to spend $4 dollars for each 12" single I owned. Damn we have it good nowadays.
    I won one local mix competition and because of a recent divorce, I've still have been playin but not as much. This is the year I'm planning on making a huge earth shaking return.
    My specialty is HipHop classic joints 85-96 and naked funk and disco. As a kid I've had the artist and songs so build into me, that it's like second nature spinnin' them now. I'm much of a "thinking" dj that learns more from peoples taste in music that are not necessary djs themselves