Welcome to Whitelabel.net

The first music distribution network that delivers brand-new music to DJs, bringing back the meaning "for promotional use only".

The Serato Whitelabel Delivery Network, or Whitelabel.net, provides Serato DJScratch Live and ITCH users access to record label’s promotional releases. The site allows DJs to preview and download music in a "Serato ready" format while providing record labels the required security necessary for digitally distributing their copyright material. Whitelabel.net provides record labels secure access to easily deliver music to the DJs, and allows them to track where their music goes. This gives the record labels the ability to see that their music goes exactly where intended: to the DJs.

The Whitelabel MP3 format (file extension .wl.mp3) is a high quality format that’s ID tagged with artist and song information, BPMs, and overviews prebuilt for Serato DJScratch Live and ITCH. These files will play as a low quality preview (in mono) in any mp3 player, and a high quality version when played in Serato DJScratch Live and ITCH.

Whitelabel.net hopes that all of its users enjoy the simplicity, integrity, and stability of the website. These ideas are the foundation by which Serato creates all of its products and services. For more information contact us at whitelabel@serato.com